Thankfulness, for a potty seat.


I have many many things to be thankful for friends.  But guess what happens to be on my mind the most this last week?   A potty seat that can fold up and go anywhere!  The potty seat has become Lydia’s best friend.  It was a rough friendship the first couple of days, but they made up and are quite the pair.

We carry it everywhere this little traveling potty seat.  Lydia finds it to be a thrill going potty in public restrooms!  “Look Mama!  Put my potty on the toliet.  I flush it!  I do it.  I am a big girl!,” she says as I am reminding her about twenty times to not touch anything!  

Bless the inventors of the traveling potty seat.  Bless little girl undies for looking so darn cute.  Bless Lydia for being potty trained!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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