The x-ray on the fridge.

Yes that is an x-ray on our fridge. And yes indeed, that is an x-ray of my uterus(and you weren’t going to check this blog today!)! My doctor had me get an x-ray done last week to make sure everything was A-okay. And looks like it is! Looks like my uterus is there(yay!), there were no freaky things found there(double yay!), and my woman tubes are there are flowing fine too(triple yay!).

I figure since most of the world I know gets to hang these pictures of cute fetuses kicking about their mother’s stomachs, I get to hang my x-ray of my healthy uterus. The best part is that Greg hasn’t even questioned why that x-ray is hanging on our fridge. He just goes with the flow of my craziness I suppose. Good fellow that Gregory.

I figure this gives plenty of opportunities to give this x-ray little pep talks.
First, I try the very complimentary tactic. I will say things like,”Wow woman parts. You look awesome in that x-ray. Remember that time you had a baby grow inside there? She’s quite the beautiful toddler now and you grew that! She couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow for 10 months!”
Or I can go the reverse psychology route: “You grew a baby once and you think you are too good to grow another now? Well I honestly don’t think you could grow another baby as beautiful as the last one. You will just have to prove me wrong!”
Or the peer pressure route: “Hey woman parts, almost everyone I know is getting pregnant. It’s the really cool thing to do. Let’s join our fellow pregnant friends to show them how growing a baby is really done!”

Let’s see if these pep talks do any good.

(P.S. I promise I don’t actually talk to the x-ray.  I do this to make light of the situation.  Because talking to the x-ray would be completely crazy. And I am not that crazy…yet.)


9 thoughts on “The x-ray on the fridge.

  1. Ha ha. Kara you are hilarious…and that crazy :). I love it…”lady parts…you are looking good”. So funny. Maybe you could also try the sports themed approach…”come on lady parts! L-E-T-S G-O…let’s go!” Love you lots…and your xray!

  2. Hey there is nothing wrong with crazy. Heavens knows I was way beyond that before Eme & I managed to make a come back to sanity. Well pretty much anyway. Your X-ray reminds me when I got my intestines checked out for ulcers (k so maybe I was crazy way before childless issues) & for the first of many times in my life everyone seemed to be prego & Mom said maybe I could hang up my intestine picture like a ultrasound. At least yours is of the right part of the body!

  3. Oh Kara you are so funny! I too thought I could only grow things that wouldn’t become a lifeform–such as ovarian cysts! Keep up the positive attitude and I know it will happen again for you guys!

  4. You’r so funny! I love that you hang that picture on the fridge, You should be proud! I’m excited you have one more thing you know is going good, I can’t wait until you find something that works and you get a beautiful little peanut in the next ultrasound! I am rooting for you and your uterus!!

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