Those pigtails. Sunday’s photo, week 42.


Those pigtails you are wearing with your blonde hair kinda makes me want to cry. You are growing up too fast everyday but getting more delightful by the minute. I was looking at tiny newborn pictures of you tonight. I thought about how I would hold and feed you all day long those first few weeks. How magical it was. Then I thought I wanted to go back to those moments. But then I realized I would miss you. I would really really miss this two year old you. The Lydia who can talk, laugh, and run with me. I guess I am just trying to say is I love every moment of you.  So happy and proud to be your mama.



2 thoughts on “Those pigtails. Sunday’s photo, week 42.

  1. Kara oh I loved reading this post! I love being able to see the relationship you and her have just through your blog. What am amazing blessing you guys are to each other. Love you lots…oh and I love her braid pigtails! So adorable

  2. Oh my goodness, Kara! I LOVE this post!! You are SO cute, and this post is SO precious!! Lydia will LOVE this when she is older. What a special thing! And, just like Janel said, those pigtail braids are SOO darling!! 🙂

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