Sunday’s photo, week 41.

This day Lydia woke up and was like, “Mama, get that camera out of my face. Don’t even try it this morning chick.”
“I am not even going to look at you, but you are kinda funny.”
“Okay, I am looking just because you acting even funnier.”
“Oh mama, you kind of act like an idiot to get me to smile which is pretty funny to me so I will smile.”
“Awwwww! You got me to smile again Mama!”

P.S. Doesn’t Lydia’s bed head kinda look like an 80’s punk rocker?  Got to love it.


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s photo, week 41.

  1. Hahah yes; her bed head is AWESOME!! 🙂 I absolutely love the progression of these pictures… SO cute!! 🙂 and you know she is thinking “you sneaky mom” in that last picture because you got her to smile! Haha so great as usual, Kara! 🙂 and Lydia is as cute as always! 🙂

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