Feeling uncomfortable.


I know we all come to this earth to grow, to learn from our experiences here and experience sorrow so we know the happy from the sad.  I have found I have grown the most in my life when I am extremely uncomfortable with what experience I am going through.  That sounds really funny, but hear me out.  Greg and I are gospel principle teachers in our ward.  This means I actually have to teach ADULTS!  I was scared and so nervous at first.  The first week I think I sputtered some words out and got some kind of point across.  Thank goodness Greg is there to take the second half of the lesson!  With each week, I have pushed myself to speak longer, study harder for the lesson, and interact more with the class.    I feel a million times more confident in the lessons now because I am sticking with it.  I was very uncomfortable with such a task I thought I could not handle, but now it really doesn’t seem that bad.

It is the same with expressing our struggles with getting pregnant.  I really did not want to reveal this to anyone.  I feel embarrassed for having this problem.  But this little voice kept telling me I needed to share this with others for months and I kept telling it no!  Needless to say, the little voice (or the Spirit as the LDS faith will know) finally won out.  I shared my struggling secret.  It was definitely humbling to actually write it out for everyone to see.   I still don’t understand why I did it!  I think I might be crazy for actually doing so.  But we have been surrounded with such amazing support and love since then.  We find relationships growing stronger with loved ones every day through this trial and most importantly each other.  I know this growing of relationships wouldn’t happen unless I put myself out there.  As vulnerable and embarrassed as I may feel, we are feeling so blessed with the outpouring of love we have received.  So I am uncomfortable, humbled, and feel like I have been kicked in the pants somedays.  Doesn’t that sound fun?!  Oh, but I feel myself growing so much.  It hurts, but I know it is for my own good.  I can’t thank you all enough for everyone that has expressed their support to us.  Thank you all!

Now enough of this sappy/life is so hard jabber.  Watch this.  Greg and I find it to be hilarious!


3 thoughts on “Feeling uncomfortable.

  1. Kara, you and Greg are in our prayers! I know there is another little spirit waiting for you guys! Also, I bet you and Greg are amazing GD teachers. Wow, what an intimidating calling. Ps… LOVED the videa. lol. I can’t wait to show this to Bryce, he is going to die laughing!

  2. Kara-i love reading your blog! I wasn’t even going to comment, because i am embarrassed!! It’s defiantly hard to talk about, and unfortunately i share in your pain. Just wanted you to know you aren’t alone =)

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