Why I am so sad summer is gone, part I.

My sis Kristen and I had passes to Seven Peaks this year. It was glorious basking in the sun and having our children run wild throughout the water. Unfortunately, those days are over. I am sad.  Here is my documentation of our last day there. Oh and I forgot Lydia’s swimsuit of all things! Kristen had a spare swimmer speedo thing that she wore. It was fun having her run around half naked the whole day! She didn’t seem to mind one bit.  She is a free and wild spirit I tell ya.

These were all taken with that instagram app for iphone thingy.


One thought on “Why I am so sad summer is gone, part I.

  1. So fun! I totally understand. It is still swim weather here, but my kiddos are in school:( I thought that I would love going to my friends pool with out my kids, but it’s just not the same. Your kids are all so cute! It’s so nice that you have a sister so close to you that you can hang out with!!!

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