We are back!

We are back from our 5 year anniversary California trip. We had a BLAST! The only good thing about coming home was to see our little girl. But as soon as we picked her up I asked Greg if we could drive back to California. He said no. But I do have him almost convinced to retire to San Diego!

I have more to share about this trip, but there are a few more events I would like to share before hand. Here is a quick picture of us enjoying one of our boogey boarding days on Mission Beach. Greg would go clear out by the surfers on the huge waves (one surfer told him he was good!  I was so proud.) where I thought he might die. And I actually caught big enough waves to ride the crest of them in to the shore. With Greg not dying and me riding in on big waves I would say we had a successful time boogey boarding! We can’t wait to go back and spend some time on the waves again.


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