Our five years.

{Taken in August 2006 on our honeymoon on Coronado Island}

Greg and I are off to celebrate five years of marriage in California for the next few days.  Can I get a yahoooooo?!

In some ways I feel like we have been married a whole lot longer than five years (in a good way), and then other days I feel like I blinked my eyes one day in high school and the next thing I know is I am living with Greg Simmons and I had his baby.

It has been amazing to see the blessings that have taken place in our lives since we were married in the temple.  Family, education, good health, a home, are just to name a few of the blessings we are so grateful for.  I hope these next five years are filled with a lot more babies and no moving!

High five on a well done first five years of marriage Greg.  I love you!


2 thoughts on “Our five years.

  1. Congrats you guys! Five years is quite a feat if you think about it! It’s crazy that it’s gone by so fast. I know what you mean, i feel like Brent and I have been together way longer than 10yrs. You are the cutest couple and I’m very happy for you both. We sure love you guys and hope you have a wonderful time on your anniversary trip!!!

  2. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!! Congrats you two! That is just incredible. I LOVE celebrating marriage and love even more when I see my friends happy and loving marriage too 🙂 Enjoy your time together. Hooray to the Simmons!

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