Lydia is turning two.

Our Lydia is turning two tomorrow.  Lydia is our little miracle and angel baby.  She is a chatterbox who never stops talking.  And I love it.  Lydia loves princesses and minnie.  She sings to the songs on the movies and is especially good with Beauty and the Beast songs.  She constantly is grabbing my hand demanding me to play or hold her.  Instead of getting ornery or grumpy when she gets tired, she gets super goofy.  Like she thinks everything is funny, flops around in my arms, and will fall constantly and laugh about it.  Her Grandma’s are her best friends.  They all spoil her rotten.  When she would like my attention, she will put her face right on my cheek or forehead and say, “Mom, I need mo’ drink.  Mom, I need mo’ crackers.”  She will do this over and over because she knows it makes me laugh and gets my attention.  Lydia has Greg wrapped around her finger.  He lets her drink out of any of his drinks at any time and there will be floaties galore after she is done.  He doesn’t mind he is so in love with her.   Greg is 90% of the time the first one up with Lydia if she ever makes a peep at night.  Lydia might be the slowest eater I know.  And it is probably because she doesn’t stop talking to eat on a normal time frame.  Lydia is so happy.  She finds joy in anything.  From finding a flower on a walk or drawing with chalk, Lydia is so happy about it.  On car rides she is constantly shouting,”Mom!  Look!”  She loves to do this at any new sight on the road she is trying to figure out.  Lydia is starting to pretend play.  She pretends she is a mommy to her babies, a cook cooking up “nummy” food for Charlotte and I, and tells me there are spiders coming to get us lately.  No idea where she got that last one.  I can get her to dance to basically any song.  Best of all, she thinks it’s awesome when I dance too.

Obviously, Lydia is very loved.  We are so lucky to be her parents.

Happy Birthday to our Lydia Denise!


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