We have entered the princess stage.

We have entered the princess stage. Lyds loves everything princess. She will see churches or temples and shout out to me,”princess temple!” She really means a princess castle, but temples do look very similar to castles so let’s give her a break!  When she sees women or girls in pretty dresses she just has to tell me what a pretty princess they are.
Lydia carries around this princess baby wherever she goes. In the car, grocery shopping, to Nana’s house, and basically every where else. I think it’s pretty cute. Thanks cousin Kambryn for giving her this princess baby at Christmastime! We had no idea it was going to be her best friend.


3 thoughts on “We have entered the princess stage.

  1. Adorable…but this is only the beginning of a the fun. Think disneyland…parades with floats…dress ups… The list just keeps going! having a little girl is really the best ever!

  2. That is sooo cute! I love it. I can’t wait until Blake attaches himself to a particular toy. He’s not really into any toys at the moment, which is kind of frustrating. haha!

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