Father’s Day and Sunday’s photo. Week 23.

Father’s day weekend was great! Except for Lydia coming down with a little sickness called croup. It’s the pits. Poor girl has not acted like herself all weekend. But now that we know what’s wrong and can help her, hopefully it will pass sooner rather than later.

I can’t help but to gush over how proud and happy I am to have Gregory as the father of Lydia. He is patient, loving, fun, caring, and so much more with her. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship when Lydia demands Greg over me. Love that she loves her daddy so much, but hate that it’s not me who she is crying for! Lydia is definitely becoming a little Daddy’s girl and I don’t blame the girl.

For Father’s day Greg received a round of cold ones (IBC rootbeer of course) and a round of golf.  I think he was pretty pleased.

Greg is so stinkin’ cute with Lydia he makes me want to have a whole bucketload of babies with him! And then your child gets croup and then you realize why most people don’t have a whole bucketload of babies.
This picture describes poor Lydia with croup perfectly:

She is definitely getting extra snuggles in from each of us and gets to watch as many princess/minnie shows as she wants.

The cutest Dad ever in my books.

But my Dad pretty much ties with him too. Isn’t my Dad cute? Cause I think so.


3 thoughts on “Father’s Day and Sunday’s photo. Week 23.

  1. Kara…. I agree, Greg is just about the cutest father around. He’s definitely grown into an amazing young man. It’s so rewarding for us to watch you grow into parents. You and Greg are darling and Lydia is just proof of what great parents you are. Congrats….. Jennifer Young

  2. Happy Fathers Day Greg! What a cute daddy he is!! Poor Lydia, you can tell she doesn’t feel well! You are such a cute little family!!!

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