Movie in the park.

At the entrance of our neighborhood there is a cute park with a little amphitheater in it. Our little city was having it’s Pioneer days last weekend and was putting on a movie at the park! We invited family down and settled in for a fun night with blankets and treats. It started off fun, and then got soooooooooo cold for an early June night. Boo to you cold weather. So we came in only twenty minutes after the movie started. Fortunately we lived close!
Have I mentioned how much I love where we live? The day after that we could just walk from our house to enjoy the city’s parade, which Lydia loved by the way, and I did too! That night Clint Black sang at the amphitheater in the park and we could hear the concert from our house. Fireworks went off as soon as the concert was over and all we had to do was walk a few houses down for a perfect view. If this is just the start of fun summer activities around here, sign us up!


One thought on “Movie in the park.

  1. that is so nice that you live so close to those things! FUN! Too bad for cold weather! I love all the pics of Lydia, so cute! 🙂

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