Sunday’s photo. Week 19.

Wow, this week 18 on Sunday’s photo wasn’t this last Sunday, it was the Sunday before. I have a lot of posting for this blog that I need to catch up on! A lot of fun personal pictures as well as a ton of cute families and engagements to share on here this week.
This is Lydia right after church just watching some Winnie the Pooh before she settled down for a nap. Can I tell you how much I just love the music in this Winnie the Pooh video?! (That was being completely sarcastic in case you couldn’t tell). It’s a good thing I love her more than life or else that video would never be played.


One thought on “Sunday’s photo. Week 19.

  1. What a cute outfit she has on! I love it!!! She is looking so grown up! I’ve been checking your photo blog everyday in anticipation for Claires pictures! You are so awesome and I’m excited to see all you’ve been busy with!! You’re the BEST!!!

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