Sunday’s photo. Week 18.

I am a bit of a liar today. You see, these weren’t taken last Sunday. They were taken the day before. I didn’t take one picture last Sunday and it was Mother’s day! Gasp! It was such a busy day with family events by the time I remembered to take a picture with my Lydia for Mother’s day it was basically dark. Oh well. Luckily we took some time to play dress up with her minnie dress the day before.  As I have mentioned before, she loves the minnie.  Can’t get enough of her.


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s photo. Week 18.

  1. It still fits her pretty good! I love the ears on her! Can’t believe you didn’t take a single picture on mothers day! So not like you!

  2. Oh my gosh when did Lydia all the sudden turn into a little girl, with a whole lot of hair! Wow she looks so grown up! She is gorgeous! Oh and seeing these pictures made kambryn have to wear her minnie mouse dress all day today. I am glad it still fits her.

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