Spring is such a tease.  I hate waking up every morning for the constant yearning of hope of a sunny spring day and being demolished with cloudy skies and even snow on the ground.  Easter morning was a treat to wake up to for us because it was actually sunny outside!  I thought my heart my burst that we were going to have somewhat nice weather for Easter.

With the sun being out, I didn’t feel bad letting Lydia strut her stuff outside for my camera.  Her dress is definitely the highlight of my Easter.  My mom sewed it with her own two hands.  It’s beautiful!  As soon as I put it on her, she called herself pretty, and then ran off to show her daddy.

Church and family gatherings filled the rest of our day.  We were so spoiled with good food, Easter egg hunts, and Easter treats and gifts from our family.

My favorite picture from the day.  I just love how her dress is perfectly poofed in midair!


4 thoughts on “Easter.

  1. What a beautiful family you have! I love Lydia’s hair curled like that!!! I think that the folks are going to have everyone over for dinner on Friday. I know that they have a dr.’s appointment at 3. Would it work for you to come on friday at 3? Let me know! THanks Kara, you’re the best!!

  2. Such cute pictures! I love that one of Eme & Lydia! I wish my camera would have been quicker!
    Oh and BTW I just realized today that when that kid asked us if we both went to college I said we both went to the U! I guess I thought I was with Jer! No wonder you looked at me funny! Your dear old sister is getting a little crazy in her old age!

  3. Brynlee got the same shoes for Easter!! Don’t you just love them? Lydia’s dress is adorable and it makes me wish I had someone to sew cute things like that for Brynlee!! Your hair is getting WAY long, I love it!!

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