Miller Family.

Greg and I are lucky enough to call the Miller Family our family!  Brent and Michelle are Greg’s uncle and aunt (and mine through marriage).  I have photographed their girls many times so they are no strangers to my photography.

Michelle was diagnosed with colon cancer in January.  Chemo treatments then started along with many prayers from all loved ones.  If that wasn’t enough for this family, Brent was diagnosed with colon cancer as well in March.  Even through the devastating news, the Millers have pressed forward with their medical treatments with such amazing faith and strength.  Brent had surgery recently, thankfully no chemo needed, and is now cancer free!  Michelle is now halfway through her chemo treatments which tests show that the chemo is working and is leaving her body!  So basically they are both kicking cancer’s butt.

I wish you all could know this family.  Their girls are darling, funny, and love our Lydia.  Miracles are truly happening in this family and I have no doubt it is because of their faith and the power of prayer.


One thought on “Miller Family.

  1. Wow, what a trial they are going through! They are such a beautiful family, I know how important and how close they are to you guys. Hope the recovery keeps going well for both of them. Great pictures!! love ya!

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